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Shout out for 2018 Girl Scout Gold Award candidate Deirdre DiMauro on her fabulous Shopping Bag Recycling Box located at the SWAP shop (at Darien Recycling and Refuse Center)! Bring your shopping bags there to be repurposed by Person to Person! Thank you Deirdre!

EARTH WEEK STORY 2018 for DARIEN ELEMENTARY SCHOOLS - Plastic Awareness - BREAK THE BAG HABIT... Be Fantastic Don't Use Plastic

Paola Sordoni and Laura Pesce-Gray Co-Chairs of the Darien Environmental Group, with the approval of the Board of Ed and support from each principal, as well as the Environmental Representatives from each school, Megan Kilroy (Royle), Juliet Hahn & Jen Dolce (Tokeneke), Lindsey Warnake (Hindley), Laura Pesce-Gray (Holmes) and Paola Sordoni (Ox Ridge) kicked off a coordinated Earth Week Campaign across all five Darien Elementary Schools to raise Plastic Awareness with a tag line - Break the Bag Habit...Be Fantastic Don't Use Plastic.

Some of the fun activities coordinated were Garbage Art & Fashion Show, Recyclables were gathered by children in the shape of their school Mascot or Letter, Partnership with Fairco-Greentree to Recycle Clothing, Plastic Bags were collected for an ever lasting item for each school library, Plastic bags were braided into bracelets by children and worn as a reminder to Break the Bag Habit. A Powerpoint presentation at an all school assembly allowed each Environmental Rep to educate the children why these activities were being done and how plastic affects our Marine Life, Community and what we can do to REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE & PRECYCLE to rid our Earth of plastic.

Ox Ridge Mascot
OxRidge Mascot (Owl) - Grace Sandavol, Katherine Drugge.



Ox Ridge Art
Ox Ridge Art - Katherine Drugge, Caroline Hendrickson, Simona Sordoni, Juliet Sandoval, Grace Sandoval, Shiny Sordoni, Ava Rongoe.



Tokeneke Box
Plastic Bags Recycling Box at Tokeneke.



Holmes Bracelets
Holmes Bracelets - William Gray, Alexander Gray, John Laudicina.



Holmes Garbage Art
Holmes Garbage Art - Evelyn Rosevear, Sara Hall, Samantha Haueisen, Paige Haueisen, Luke Romanowski, Wiliam Gray & Alexander Gray. .



Homes mascot
Holmes Mascot - Hawk was hand drawn with chalk by a parent/graphic designer - Ashley Bartolotta.



OxRidge Plasticbag skirts
OxRidge Plastic - Shiny & Simona Sordoni.



Hindley Art
Hindley Art.



Royle mascot
Royle Mascot - Connor Kilroy, Molly Kilroy, Jake Simon, Tyler Simon, Ryan Simmon, Summer Glenday.



Tokeneke mascot
Tokeneke Mascot.



Gavin McCallum backpack
Gavin McCallum's backpack.