Simple Steps to Creating Wealth Part 2


In my last column we discussed on various simple factors necessary for wealth creation. This will be the concluding part of the article. Let finish it

Create a Mindset of Abundance

The journey into wealth begins from the inside. Until you master the internal process of wealth creation, your dream will at most remain a dream. First you’ve got to believe you are created to be wealthy. The starting point is to believe that you are created to be wealthy by God .This is fundamental to your quest for wealth creation. Don’t allow the negative or unfavorable condition you may be right now condition your mind to believe that you are created to be poor, No!. The truth is that you ultimately become what you have believed in your mind. As a matter of fact, your present condition is an express display of your mindset but that you can change

Set specific money goals

That is the point! You have to sit down first and plan your way to wealth creation. If your goal is just to pay your rent and feed your family, there is no need to sit down first. Just any body can achieve that goal. But if your goal is to accumulate wealth, you need to sit down and plan.

Unfortunately, that is the aspect many people don’t feel comfortable doing. As the late reggae legend, Bob Marley put it: “Everybody wants to go to heaven, nobody want to die. If you are serious about creating wealth, you have to be cleared about the level of wealth you want to create. You have to practically create the financial future you want now, and work backwards from it with as much clarity as possible.The clearer your vision for your desire, the faster your arriving in your land of fulfillment. See you at the top.